Konkordát wormský

Kon­kor­dát worm­ský se skládá ze dvou částí – pro­hlá­šení papeže Kali­xta II. a císaře Jin­dři­cha V. Dohoda byla uza­vřena 23. září 1122, potvr­zena poté na bam­ber­ském kní­že­cím sněmu za stranu císaře a na prv­ním late­rán­ském kon­cilu za stranu papeže.

Aktu­álně je zde k dis­po­zici pouze ang­lický překlad:

I, bis­hop Cali­x­tus, servant of the servants of God, do grant to thee belo­ved son, Henry-by the grace of God august empe­ror of the Romans-that the electi­ons of the bis­hops and abbots of the Ger­man kin­g­dom, who belong to the kin­g­dom, shall take place in thy pre­sence, without simony and without any vio­lence; so that if any dis­cord shall arise between the par­ties con­cer­ned, thou, by the coun­sel or judg­ment of the met­ro­po­li­tan and the co-pro­vin­ci­als, may­’st give con­sent and aid to the party which has the more right. The one elec­ted, more­o­ver, without any exaction may rece­ive the rega­lia from thee through the lance, and shall do unto thee for these what he right­fully should. But he who is con­secra­ted in the other parts of the empire (i.e. Bur­gundy and Italy) shall, within six mon­ths, and without any exaction, rece­ive the rega­lia from thee through the lance, and shall do unto thee for these what he right­fully should. Excep­ting all things which are known to belong to the Roman church. Con­cer­ning mat­ters, however, in which thou dost make com­pla­int to me, and dost demand aid, I, accor­ding to the duty of my office, will fur­nish aid to thee. I give unto thee true peace, and to all who are or have been on thy side in the time of this discord.

In the name of the holy and indi­vi­si­ble Tri­nity, I, Henry, by the grace of God august empe­ror of the Romans, for the love of God and of the holy Roman church and of our mas­ter pope Cali­x­tus, and for the hea­ling of my soul, do remit to God, and to the holy apo­st­les of God, Peter and Paul, and to the holy catho­lic church, all investi­ture through ring and staff; and do grant that in all the chur­ches that are in my kin­g­dom or empire there may be cano­ni­cal election and free con­secration. All the possessi­ons and rega­lia of St. Peter which, from the begin­ning of this dis­cord unto this day, whe­ther in the time of my father or also in mine, have been abs­trac­ted, and which I hold: I res­tore to that same holy Roman church. As to those things, more­o­ver, which I do not hold, I will fai­th­fully aid in their res­to­ration. As to the possessi­ons also of all other chur­ches and prin­ces, and of all other lay and cle­ri­cal per­sons which have been lost in that war: accor­ding to the coun­sel of the prin­ces, or accor­ding to jus­tice, I will res­tore the things that I hold; and of those things which I do not hold I will fai­th­fully aid in the res­to­ration. And I grant true peace to our mas­ter pope Cali­x­tus, and to the holy Roman church, and to all those who are or have been on its side. And in mat­ters where the holy Roman church shall demand aid I will grant it; and in mat­ters con­cer­ning which it shall make com­pla­int to me I will duly grant to it justice.

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